Missouri Telemedicine Ban (HB 400)


Number: HB 400

Status: Current

Proposed: January 31, 2013

Link: house.mo.gov...

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Last updated Apr 30, 2014.

HB 400 bans telemedicine. It requires the administration of the initial dose of RU-486 (mifepristone) or any other abortion-inducing drug to occur in the same room and in the physical presence of the physician who prescribed, dispensed, or otherwise provided the drug or chemical to the patient.

The bill also requires that the physician or a person acting on the physician’s behalf make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the patient returns after the administration or use of any abortion-inducing drug for a follow-up visit unless the termination of the pregnancy has already been confirmed and the patient’s medical condition has been assessed by a licensed physician prior to discharge.


This bill passed the House and Senate and became law in August 2013 without the Governor’s signature.

Companion bill to SB 175.